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Portable Treat Launcher

Portable Treat Launcher

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Portable Treat Launcher

The ultimate playtime toy to interact with your furry friend!



The Portable Treat Launcher is a fun and innovative way to treat and train your pet. It features spring action, no batteries required, and dispenses miniature or cut up treats. The food is ejected from the gun when you simply push the trigger. It is 7" long, shoots up to 400m, and is made from non-toxic, food-grade material. With a high-quality spring and a non-slip body, it is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The transparent lid also makes it easy to store treats.




The Portable Treat Launcher is the perfect way to reward your pet! This 7" spring action launcher lets you dispense treats at distances of up to 400m. The high-quality spring and durable, non-slip body are designed for long-term use. The durable, food-grade material and transparent lid make it easy to store and operate treats. Enjoy hassle-free interaction and training with your pet with this great tool!



  • Spring action- no batteries required!
  • Dispenses miniature or cut-up treats
  • Size: 7″ inches long
  • Shoots 200-400m
  • Non-toxic, Food Grade Material
  •  High-Quality spring, Durable (Designed to last!)
  • Non-slip designed body
  • Interaction Training: Great tool for feeding, Training, and rewarding your pets
  • Transparent Lid: Store Treats in the transparent lid, turn to open, and add or remove threats
  • Easily Operated: The food will be ejected from the gun when you simply push the trigger. 


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