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The Versa Leash

The Versa Leash

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The Versa Leash

"The All In One Dog Walking Solutions"

Introducing the Versa Leash – the ultimate dog walking solution! Say goodbye to tangled leashes and uncomfortable grips. With three convenient lengths and a rotating handle, this leash offers versatility and comfort for both you and your furry friend. Make every walk a breeze with the Versa Leash!



This revolutionary design and multi-functional features, this leash allows for complete control during walks while providing convenience and ease. The epitome of luxury and practicality, it's the perfect accessory for every stylish dog owner.


  1. 1. This 360 degree tangle free 5 in 1 (ALL in One ) retractable dog Leash is made of 4m nylon strap with ABS coating and zinc alloy hook. It is suitable for Small, Medium and some Large Dogs up to 66lbs.

    2. It is equipped with a flashlight to ensure visibility at night, it has poop bag dispenser, a small water bowl and treat container on sides.

    3. This trackable dog leash has a Single-button break-and-release system which guarantees great convenience, unmatchable touch and user experience to ensure a soft nonslip rip handle along with a chew proof retractable leash.
  2. 4. Easier and Fun) All-in-one retractable tangle free dog leash is excellent for long dog walks, jogging, camping or hiking with your dog
    5. Now you don't have to worry during a hike, walk, camping or shopping with your dog, you don't have to carry separately a poop bag or look for water or treat for your dog. During evenings or night time this retractable dog leash is equipped with a flashlight.



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