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Fetch Master

Fetch Master

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Fetch Master


Want to play fetch without having a sore arm? Want to train your dog to bring the ball back?



Introducing the Fetch Master, an automatic ball and treat launcher: a luxurious pet toy that will bring joy and convenience to you and your furry best friend. With this automatic launcher, you can keep your pet entertained for hours with customizable launching distances, treat-dispensing rewards, and more. Pamper your pet in style with this premium pet toy.


 Your doggy can now play fetch all day long!

This awesome ball launcher allows your doggy to play fetch by themselves for hours on end. The wide-open top and low-down design makes it easy for your dog to drop the ball back into the launcher and keep the game going!

  • Choose launch distance with distance controls
  • Easy reload system for your doggy


Give your pup something to paw-sitively jump for joy about! Our Automatic Ball & Treat Launcher gives your dog hours of interactive playtime - engaging their minds and hearts for hours on end. It's the perfect way to reward your four-legged friend and give them the exercise they need. Let the fetching fun begin!


The Fetch Master is a mini tennis launcher that will keep your pup entertained for hours. With three 5cm diameter balls, a power cord and a launcher, this device launches balls up to 9 meters away, scanning for ball crossings every 10 seconds. With this product, you and your pet can enjoy an endless game of fetch.

How to use:

Press the power switch to turn on three seconds later, the power indicator lights up. After three seconds of the power switch, the main machine is off.

After starting up, press a few power switches to select the throw distance of 3 meters /6 meters /9 meters



It contains 3 3-diameter 5cm balls, a power cord plug, a launcher, and a product brochure.

The ball crossing at the bottom of the host tennis ball has an infrared sensor. Scanning every 10 seconds, the host can deliver the ball every 10 seconds.

Note: Its design lets the ball launch by turning of the inside roller, so there are some voices when using, which is a normal situation.

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