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Dog Treat Puzzle Feeder

Dog Treat Puzzle Feeder

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Dog Treat Puzzle Feeder

This is an educational dog toy, that relieves the anxiety of dogs during daily boredom, and effectively improves their intelligence of dogs.


This is a puzzle toy designed to improve your pet's IQ. Different from traditional entertainment pet toys, this toy allows your dog to get food rewards while becoming more intelligent through his initiative. It cultivates him using the brain and improves brain development.

This toy combines the difficulty of level 1 and level 2. The dog needs to go through two steps to get the food. First, he needs to press the transparent button at the top of the toy. The kibbles will fall into the six barns around the toy, then the dog has to open the lids of different barns with his paw or nose to get the food.

Different from traditional puzzle toys, our toy allows the dog to refill food by himself in the difficulty of level 2. Each barn can only hold a small amount of food., and the dog has to open the lid to get food. When he finishes eating, he has to press the top button again to refill the barn. This design can effectively slow down the eating pace of the dog and correct the bad habit of eating too fast. It increases the time and difficulty for dogs to get food, avoids indigestion, reduces gastrointestinal pressure, and makes them healthier.

The Dog Treat Puzzle Feeder is the perfect way to challenge your pup's IQ while giving them the treats they love. This feeder comes with two levels of difficulty, so your dog can get all the stimulation they need. It's a fun, interactive game that helps keep them engaged, and their brains sharp.

Let your pup take on an exciting challenge with this Dog Treat Puzzle Feeder! This advanced-level toy provides a fun, interactive way to stimulate your pup's mental, physical, and emotional development. The 2-in-1 design both dispenses treats and encourages interactive play. Get your pup's brain working - get the Dog Treat Puzzle Feeder now!


Upgrade your pup's meals with the Dog Treat Puzzle Feeder - an interactive game that combines mental stimulation and physical exercise. Featuring two levels of difficulty and a treat-dispensing design, this feeder encourages your pup to engage in intelligent play while earning food rewards. Perfect for smarter meal times and keeping your pup entertained.




Reward your pup with this interactive dog treat puzzle! It features two levels of treat dispensing challenges, ensuring your pup stays delighted and mentally stimulated. Perfect for slowing down meal times and providing hours of stimulating entertainment. Make your pup's day with the Dog Treat Puzzle Feeder!

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